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Access to a director for advice and promise to respond to enquiries quickly, returning calls and e-mails within 24 hours, to all clients, large or small.
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*This service is included free of charge in the Fully Managed  Package
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Beware of hidden costs. The promise of low annual fees by many formation agents can disguise the common practice of charging high additional costs for extra services. Once you have paid your low annual fee this means that if you contact your service provider in any way they will charge you for the time taken to answer the enquiry. Many offshore providers now have computer systems that start charging you the minute they answer your call. With houly fees costing up to £100+ per hour your apparent low annual charges could become very expensive.

Cheaper costs, poorer service

Larger market orientated providers receive many hundreds of enquiries every day. In business practice, lower costs generally lead to poorer services. In some cases good reputable service providers cannot cope with the volume of enquiries, staff turnover and the complexity of dealing with multi jurisdictions all lead to poor service.
The Kelink Group have gained clients from competitors because of our outstanding service and almost immediate response to all enquiries.
If you are unhappy with your current provider, call us now on
+44 7989 100 500 to discuss your requirements.



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