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Frustrated with the management of your current website ?

At Saveontax we have a solution whereby you can manage your own website and make changes easily without the need to learn any coding skills or spend hours learning to master WordPress or Joomla!.

Wohola is a brand-new Content Management System (CMS) which is easy to use where changes can be made on the actual webpage itself. There's no need to access any files, create menus, articles or assign modules to pages.

Wohola is multi-functional and can carry out large complicated tasks (which WordPress can't) such as integrating with payment and stock control systems with tens of thousands of items.

If you are looking for a budget commercial solution then Wohola could be the system for you. For example, a large retail website may typically take six months to develop and cost around £50,000. Wohola can complete the same task for circa £15,000 in just a few weeks. If you are a web designer, then Wohola takes away all the headaches of complex coding and integration, saving you time (money) and leaving you free to concentrate on the design, look and feel of the website. Shouldn't web designers be artists and not mathematicians?

If you are interested in learning more about Wohola we would like to talk to you as currently Ino-Vention Limited, the Master Franchisee for Wohola are looking to sign up more web designers to use and promote Wohola. Currently web designers as Wohola solution providers can promote and use Wohola free of any licence fee. There is no contract to sign and if you don't like Wohola you can simply walk away. So far all of our Solution providers are still with us.

Everyone we have spoken to thinks Wohola is great and too good to be true. It's real and it truely works.  So whether you are a web designer or are looking to commission a new website, please contact us initially and we can put you in touch with the right people at Wohola where you can try the Demo Site.


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