Where to open an offshore bank account?

Where to open an offshore bank account is becoming an increasingly difficult task. Banks in many jurisdictions such as Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey have lengthy opening procedures and bank accounts can take 4 to 6 months to open, if successful, at all.

Banks are particularly concerned about business start-ups where the service, price and end user may be partially unknown. This is especially relevant to Internet based businesses where there are electronic downloadable products or services where the price charged is variable. Saveontax does appreciate that the business world is generating 1,000's of new software inventions and there are young entrepreneurs who require banking facilities to monetarise their product or service.

At Saveontax we can guarantee to open bank accounts for all genuine business operations, where in conjunction with senior management at our preferred banks we can assist to open bank accounts that many other banks turn away.

This is why Saveontax provides a value added service resulting in us achieving a high success rate in opening bank accounts for our clients. Read More About
offshore bank accounts.

So where is the best place to open an offshore bank account?

Malta is our jurisdiction of choice where we have a long standing relationship with several banks. We will carry out all the paperwork on your behalf and you only need to find one Euro to deposit to get your
Mauritius bank account  opened.  The price for opening a Corporate bank account in Malta is currently £450 plus £200 for certification of company documents.

You will of course require to incorporate a company first so that the corporate bank account can be opened. Please see the links below to find out further information about offshore companies and how to open an offshore bank account.


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