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You may be considering opening a Gibraltar offshore bank account to transact some personal business offshore. Opening a personal offshore bank account in Gibraltar does not guarantee that you will save on tax or that your business affairs will remain confidential.

Under the EU tax savings directive, banks in Gibraltar can disclose details about your Gibraltar offshore bank account to the tax authorities in your home country. Furthermore its necessary to visit Gibraltar personally to open an account. For busy entrepreneurs this is both costly in time and incurs undue travelling expenses.

For the price of a return trip to an offshore centre you could form a company in a 'Tax Neutral' jurisdiction such as Gibraltar and open a Corporate bank account for a Gibraltar offshore company. There would be no need for you to visit Gibraltar to open a Gibraltar Company Corporate Bank Account. A company is a separate entity form a person and account opening procedures are different. By using our nominee director and shareholder service your name would not appear on any company paperwork and therefore your identity would not be directly linked to the Corporate bank Account. There are many advantages that the ownership of a Gibraltar company can bring to your business:

  • Confidentiality: by using nominee company officers, the ownership of a Gibraltar company is confidential and you can carry out business transactions, anonymously.
  • Zero personal and corporate taxation: being a Gibraltar Corporation the company is not liable to personal taxation and falls outside the EU tax savings directive. So details of transactions carried out from a corporate offshore bank account will not be divulged to any tax authorities.
  • No personal visit: You will not need to visit Gibraltar, personally to open a bank account for your Gibraltar company.
  • No Inheritance Taxes: the ownership of your Gibraltar company and its assets can be passed on to your family without incurring any inheritance taxes.
  • Prestige: A Gibraltar company increases your status as a business person.

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To comply with Non-resident rules we open bank accounts outside Gibraltar for Gibraltar Companies. We do not and cannot open personal accounts for anyone in Gibraltar or anywhere else in the World.

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