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Saveontax has made an agreement with a provider in the USA to open bank accounts with Wells Fargo bank in conjunction with a US structure based on the business model operated by Amazon.

We arranged the commissioning of tax advice through an associate company and have successfully setup structures for several online retail customers where sales through PayPal are transacted through a website. PayPal's default jurisdiction is the USA where PayPal receipts can be remitted to a USA bank. The structure also addresses VAT issues and delivery of goods to UK and European residents.

Wells Fargo is a well-known retail bank which has won various awards during the past few years. The Wells Fargo bank account comes with, cheque-book, debit card and telephone banking. No personal bank reference is required from the signatory of Wells Fargo Corporate Bank Account and therefore bank account opening is relatively quick at around 7 to 10 days.

In 2016 Wells Fargo adopted the policy that it requires to meet the beneficial owners of all prospective new bank accounts.

Although, Saveontax has a high success rate in opening bank accounts, Banks may determine and change their own policies form time to time and may also carry out their own due diligence on prospective clients. Banks therefore may decide to decline opening an account for any reason and success is not guaranteed.

  • PayPal receipts can be received by Wells Fargo BankRemove TabAdd Ta
  • Telephone Remove TabAdd TabTelephone Banking
  • Cheque Book
  • International wire transfers
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