Bank Account Mauritius

Mauritius has enjoyed Policical stability since independance in 1968 an operates a Government based on the UK Parliamentary model. It has a well established banking institutions and a stock exchange operated by a wide pool of professionals who are fluent in English and French.

The Mauritius bank account offered by saveontax comes with a modern internet banking platform and Debit Mastercard. The bank offers a range of multicurrency accounts including USD, GBP and EURO. The Founder Company owning the bank has been  established for nearly 100 years and has over 1,200 employees.

There are also no monthly statement, ledger or maintenance fees fees and no minumum balance to open the account. Saveontax has a high success rate in opening bank accounts. Banks determine their own policies and may carry out their own due diligence on prospective clients. Banks therefore may decide to decline opening an account for any reason.
Minumum opening balance- Nil
Interest current accounts- Nil
Charges for withdrawl cash in foreign currency in notes- 0.5% commission in lieu of exchange (minimum USD $15)
Internet Banking- No charge
Telegraphic transfers in- No charge
Telegraphic transfers out- USD $ 50.00
Debit card annual fee- No charge
Replacement card- USD $ 20.00 +VAT
Withdrawl fee for foreign ATM- USD $3.00
Electronic Bank Statements- No charge
Duplicate Bank Statements, less than 3 months old- USD $10.00
Duplicate Bank Statements, more than 3 months old- USD $20.00

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