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Accountants for contractors based in low tax or offshore locations provide valuable services to overseas contractors assisting and advising their clients how they may minimise their international tax liabilities and thereby to save on tax. This may be achieved in a variety of ways by accountants providing payroll processing and tax advisory solutions.

We at have an associate company who are offshore accountants and who provide specialist services for contractors from around the world. There are a large number of Indian and Korean contractors working in Africa who are architects, engineers, IT, and construction experts and who may work abroad for a number of years and who could benefit from offshore accountancy services.

Accountants for contractors advise their clients how they may best use the proceeds of their earnings efficiently as a significant proportion may be needed to support their families in their home country. Whilst Governments are entitled to receive tax revenues, contractors accountants both in their home country and offshore have a duty to explore the best methods of maximising income for their clients.

Uses of allowances, expenses and proper use of offshore vehicles such as trusts are legitimate ways for contractors to look after their families future needs.  Contractors sometimes opt to process their contract through their accountants. Accountants traditionaly have been engaged for decades to manage payrolls on behalf of clients. Managing contractors payroll is a normal occurance which can be very cost effective and beneficial for the contractor.

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A Contractor working through his own UK Limited Company, dependant on meeting IR35 rules, may be able to take home net 75% - 80% of his contract.

When a contractor works for a single company, as if he were an employee of that company, then according to IR35 Rules the contractor is liable to pay Tax and NI like an employee even if the contractor has the contract paid to a limited company.  In most cases tax would be charged at the higher rate tax bracket where the contractor would suffer 40% tax and together combined with NI the contractor would receive less than 50% of the contract.

Dependant on the personal circumstances of the contractor receiving the proceeds of a contract through a UK company may be beneficial.

Please Contact Us for further information. have existing clients (Non-UK, consultants and contractors) that are successfully using Offshore Companies to receive remuneration from overseas contracts.  If a contractor's new employer/agent is prepared to pay for the services provided through an Offshore Company, in most cases there would be no Corporation Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Wealth or Inheritance Taxes payable.

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