What are offshore nominee services?

Offshore Nominees are persons or corporations who agree to act as director and shareholder for an offshore company which is beneficially owned by the client. If the client decides to become a personal director and shareholder of an offshore company his name will appear on all the shall paperwork for the company which could lead to tax and confidentiality complications for the client. There can be tax implications even if the client is conducting genuine international trade outside his home country.

Under international controlled foreign corporation legislation it's important that the offshore company should demonstrate that it is managed by independently by directors outside the clients country of domicile otherwise the earnings of the offshore company may be taxed by the authorities in the clients country of residence.

As offshore companies such as Gibraltar Companies are often by their nature involved in international business, the use nominees demonstrates that the business is truly offshore. Keylink Consultancy can provide fully insured Corporate or personal directors who can demonstrate that they have suitable international business credentials and experience. Prices for our Nominee Services vary with the risk of the activity but start at £250 a year for a Nominee Director and £150 a year for each Nominee Shareholder. We draw up legal agreements with our clients so that they have the comfort that they will not lose the ownership (shares) in their overseas company. The shareholders have rights to replace the directors whenever they wish.

It's also important that the offshore company has a real presence where mail can be sent and is replied to and where there is a telephone which is answered by a real person and not an answer machine. Keylink Consultancy LLC are able to provide 'real Office' solutions for its clients. For UK clients this is especially important due to changes in the Finance Act where an overseas (offshore) company must demonstrate that it has 'Business Establishment' showing sufficient substance in the territory of residence.

Nominee services naturally play an important part in the protection of financial privacy for its beneficial owners. Corporations sometimes use offshore or overseas companies to build up shareholdings anonymously in a company they are looking to take over or control. If compliant with reporting requirements, this is a perfectly legal and legitimate use for using Nominee and offshore company services.

For clients wishing to sell services to an audience which includes the USA the use of Nominee services is highly recommended. For example a client's website may contain an error on pricing or description of a service due to information not being transcribed or translated correctly by a web designer. This could lead to a claim for significant amounts of compensation from a disgruntled client. If the clients name appears on the website as the owner the client could be sued personally and lose all of his assets including the family home. There are professional Private litigants who intrude into offshore records and databases and by using Keylink Consutlacy's Nominee services they will not be able to match the client's name against available data. This is simply because the sought after information is not hidden or obscured. The clients name and private details are simply not there.

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