What are the best offshore banks for EU citizens?

Malta Corporate Bank account £450 (plus (£200 for certified documents) and no need to visit the bank with Internet Banking.

Under the EU tax savings directive, EU banks have an obligation to report to the authorities every personal bank account that is opened. The same does not apply to EU corporate accounts as corporations are taxed in their respective countries and not the signatories of the EU corporate bank accounts.

Since the banking crisis, offshore banks increasingly look for corporations or clients that will be depositing significant sums with their banks. Retail and Private Banks located in Switzerland Luxembourg Lichtenstein, Singapore usually require an initial minimum deposit of around £50,000. Many retail banks located in Gibraltar, Guernsey, Isle of Man are now asking for minimum deposits or account opening fees and where accounts will only be opened after extensive due diligence by licensed corporate service providers.

It can take six months to open a bank account in certain jurisdictions and on occasions after such a wait in the bank may decline to open the account. Because of Internet banking where clients can transfer funds themselves there are certain sectors/trades where banks will not open accounts. This includes sales of products or services over the Internet where price cannot be easily determined. Examples are surprisingly sales of Telecom minutes, website design, consultancy and more obviously web-based adult entertainment sites unless licensed.

Keylink consultancy LLC through their associations with a chartered accountancy firm have acquired a good reputation with some key banks were corporate accounts can be opened for most types of genuine businesses. There is no need to submit a lengthy business plan and no form filling. We carry out all of this work including submitting a letter of recommendation where we have a 100% track record of opening bank accounts for our clients.

Whilst it can take weeks or even months to open a corporate bank account in the EU on receiving 100% of due diligence documentation from a client, a corporate bank account can be opened within days. Usually 7 to 10 days in most cases where we have formed the corporation and have all corporate documentation. We can open bank accounts in the following jurisdictions:

  • Caribbean Bank, Private and Retail bank. No need to visit bank. No minimum deposit. Internet banking and debit card. Most types of businesses accepted. £450.
  • Malta, Private and Retail bank. No need to visit bank. No minimum deposit. Internet banking and debit card. Low bank charges £450 (plus £200 for certified documents).
  • USA, main stream bank Bank. No need to visit bank. No minimum deposit. Internet banking and debit card. £950
  • Singapore. LOeading Retail Bank. No need to visit bank. Minimum deposit €5,000. Internet banking but no debit card. Cost to open account £950.
  • UK, High St Bank. Necessary to visit bank in person. No minimum deposit. Internet banking and debit card. £450

Our most popular business model is a Non Resident Gibraltar company (cost £650) with a Corporate Bank Account in Malta which has excellent banking secrecy laws. The Gibraltar company is not liable to any taxation in Gibraltar as long as its controlled outside Gibraltar and doesnt remit any income to Gibraltar. The Gibraltar Company is not subject to any taxation, disclosure or regulations in Malta. Read More about uses of a Gibraltar Company


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