What are the solutions to Cyprus banking problems?

Malta has earned itself a great reputation as a well-regulated centre for financial services and offshore banking. Its national debt is less than Germany which is the strongest European economy.

Keylink Consultancy LLC has built up a great relationship with the second largest bank in Malta and where we can guarantee to open bank accounts for all genuine clients within 7 to 10 days. This without you as the client having to complete one single application form. We carry out all of the administration for you with the minimum of fuss.

For Non Keylink Consultancy clients the cost for bank account opening is £850. If you purchase a company from us the cost for bank account opening is £450 (plus £200 for document certification).

We will be able to open an offshore bank account for you within a few days where you will have access to your cash from the on-line banking platform and through use of any ATM using a company credit or debit card. (Note: Your home country may require the declaration of cash remitted to you, usually dependant on your tax status and allowances)

Key Features of a Malta Offshore Bank Account:

    Secure Internet and Telephone Banking
    Choice of Credit and Debit cards
    Cheque Book and Paying -in Books
    Currency Accounts (most currencies available)
    Corporate and advisory service
    Custody service (collection of dividends and safekeeping of securities)

Other Offshore Bank Services:

    Merchant accounts for on-line businesses
    Offshore Bank accounts with unlimited sub accounts and debit/credit cards, ideal for Offsohre Payroll Services
    Private Banking with Wealth Management Services
    Stockbroking Accounts

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