What are the steps for Gibraltar company formation?

docement_article.jpgThe formation procedure and law in Gibraltar is based on the UK's Companies Act 1984 and therefore its fairly straightforward to incorporate a Gibraltar company. This means that Gibraltar Companies have similar benefits to that of another EU based companies but it also has significant tax advantages.

Gibraltar Companies take around 3 to 5 days to form and the cost for a Gibraltar Corporation from Keylink Consultancy costs just £650 Pounds.

The steps to the formation of your Gibraltar Company are:


Your Company's Name: Decide on a name and choose a suitable Gibraltar package.  For a Gibraltar, the Standard Nominee Package allows your identity to remain confidential and your name will not appear on any public record. If structured correctly you may need not declare the ownership of this company to the tax authorities in your home country.

Offshore Companies: If you travel frequently and work in many different locations you may decide that for you and your clients its better that you are visible as the Director.

Confirm Company Formation Package: Now you have chosen your Gibraltar Company formation package and name, please complete the on line company formation order form. We designed this Company formation form so that it asks the minimum of questions.

We need your mailing address so that we can send your formation documents to you. However if we are providing Nominee Director and Shareholder services it is usual that we retain the original documents for safekeeping at the Gibraltar company's registered office.




Other Jurisdiction: If you do not require an offshore Gibraltar Corporation, choose another or additional jurisdiction where you wish to incorporate. We recommend, Gibraltar, Delaware, BVI, UK and Cyprus, as companies formed in these locations service the needs of most clients. If you have special company formation requirements or require formation in another jurisdiction please contact us about your Offshore Company.

Other Offshore Companies and Services: Detail any other services you require on our company formation form, such as the provision of an offshore bank account, merchant account or the preparation of accounts. NEW Keylink Consultancy LLC now provide Offshore Payroll Services for Offshore Companies.

Payment method: Indicate by which method you wish to pay. Payment can be made by wire transfer, Pay pal or credit card. Keylinkcourier_package.jpg Consultancy LLC is fully insured and you are guaranteed to receive a properly formed Gibraltar Corporation. Please contact us if you wish to see our insurance policy. All Gibraltar companies are formed using a licensed company formation provider regulated by the financial services commission.

Guaranteed Company Delivery: There is no requirement on our offshore company formation form to enter your credit card details. We never take payment for services without confirming the name of the company is available and confirming with you that all details are correct. We will confirm your order by e-mail or telephone or whichever method is most suitable for you. On receipt of full payment company formation will start and within three to five days your company will have been formed and you will be the owner of a valuable business tool that will enable you to transact business internationally and saveontax:

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More information about Gibraltar Company Formation

There are also various other types of Gibraltar Companies including Public Companies and Limited Partneships but the most commonly used vehicle is the non resident company.

A non resident Corporation is not subject to local taxation if it satisfies the following conditions:

1. The company is owned by persons, who are not resident in Gibraltar.
2. The company is controlled (directed) by persons who are not resident in Gibraltar.
3. The company does not trade or carry on business in Gibraltar or with residents of Gibraltar.
4. The company maintains its Company Register, Registered Office and Resident Secretary in Gibraltar.
5. The company does not remit ANY income to Gibraltar.

the company will not be subject to any income taxes therein.

Exchange Control

Name Restrictions

The Registrar of Companies reserves the right to refuse any name which is identical or strikingly similar to an existing company or, in his opinion, inappropriate or undesirable.

Names must end with Limited, to denote limited liability.

Names may not contain Bank, Assurance, Insurance, Association, Royal, Imperial, Trust, Trustee, Holdings, Group, Europe, Gibraltar, International.

Trading Restriction

A Gibraltar Company is not permitted to conduct or carry out Banking; Insurance; Mutual Fund Management; Public Investment Management; or any associated activity.

Summary & Features

Keylink Consultancy LLC can offer you your own Gibraltar Corporation. You may choose from a NEWLY FORMED Gibraltar Corporation which takes approximately 3-4 weeks to incorporate, or an OFF-THE-SHELF Corporation ready for delivery within approx 1 - 2 weeks.

A Gibraltar Non-Resident Corporation is free to engage in many types of business activities, and it pays NO taxes in Gibraltar provided it remains in compliance with the 'Non-Resident' rules of Gibraltar outlined above.

Local laws require that a yearly annual report must be filed with companies house. This is a service that we can provide for you. Provided the corporation remains in compliance with the 'Non-Resident' rules of Gibraltar there will be no tax liability.  However, even without income it is still necessary to file the annual abridged account documents, and remit the annual fees to keep the corporation in good standing.

Keylink Consultancy LLC provides for Gibraltar Corporations:
# Nominee Director and shareholder services (fully-insured)
# Registered Office and Secretarial Services
# ALL Original Documents & Notarized & Apostilled

Gibraltar legislation has always created favorable tax conditions for offshore operations and as such the country's popularity has increased tremendously over the last few years for Gibraltar Companies.


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