What is offshore banking?

Opening an offshore bank account can enable you to reduce both personal and corporate tax liabilities and accumulate more wealth.

There are many highly rated and secure A and B rated global banks that operate from offshore centres and provide similar if not better security, confidentiality and tax-free interest payments than on-shore High Street Branches.

Offshore corporate bank accounts can be operated commmercialy under international rules and taxation and therefore no personal declaration of any kind is required to be made to foreign tax authorities, unlike private accounts.

Private accounts - even offshore banking transactions - are covered by the EU Tax Savings Directive. This forces EU residents saving in a country they do not live in to choose between forfeiting tax at the point of payment or allowing notification by the bank to the tax authorities in their country of residence.

Benefits of offshore banking

Keylink Consultancy through an associate company is an official introducer to many well known banks. We can help corporations from all world jurisdictions to benefit from offshore banking with highly rated banks.

These well-known banks are located in: Malta, Isle of Man, Cayman Islands, USA, UK, Gibraltar, Singapore, Cyprus and other jurisdictions. Most of these banks support on-line banking, pre-paid cards, debit & credit cards where payments can be processed in all major currencies, including:

•    Euros.
•    Pounds Sterling.
•    US Dollars.
•    Canadian Dollars.

Multi-currency accounts are a highly popular and practical choice when banking offshore.

Banking instructions can be transmitted quickly on-line, by email or fax, so you are always in complete control of your savings.

How Keylink Consultancy helps you save on tax

Opening an offshore bank account through Keylink Consultancy will help you reduce your corporate tax liability dramatically.

Many of our clients are small to medium-sized enterprises, who benefit dramatically when the profits that they work hard for are not eaten up by taxes. This allows them to accumulate their profits through offshore banking, for savings and pension purposes.

Keylink Consultancy will carry out the vast majority of paperwork and other processes involved with opening an offshore corporate bank account. You will not even have to visit the bank once.

We will be able to open an offshore banking account for you within a few days. You will then be able to withdraw cash from the account at any ATM using a company credit or debit card.

At Keylink Consultancy, we will even help you choose the right location from various offshore jurisdictions - many of which offer different business incentives.


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