What is offshore web hosting?

Now your web business has been formed in your home country, you can saveontax by moving your web business location and web hosting off shore.  Hosting your website off shore by forming a company in a country such as Gibraltar can have many advantages. Old and new clients visiting your website will now be transacting business through your Gibraltar Off shore Web Company. More about advantages of a Gibraltar Company

In many cases, you will save on tax personally by continuing to manage your off shore web business from your home country. This is usually effected by setting up a contractual agreement with your Off shore Web Company. Keylink Consultancy LLC are fully insured to provide local Director, shareholder and Secretarial services which will enable you as the owner of the company, anonymity where your personal details will not appear on any official public record. This is not tax evasion, as celebrities, international corporations and business people all have legitimate reasons for remaining anonymous. Security and inheritance tax planning are common reasons.

Your new company will own your off shore web business and minimise your personal liability and in most cases you will also be able to saveontax. A Gibraltar Corporation, if structured correctly, will not be subject to local corporation tax and its international employees not subject to income tax. The ownership of the company can be transferred free of inheritance and capital gains taxes. This is an important factor to consider, if at some time in the future you may consider selling your off shore web business or are expecting to transfer it to your dependants.






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