Where to open an offshore bank account?

The best location to open an offshore bank account will depend on your own circumstances and what banking services you require. Keylink Consultancy have a long standing relationship with several banks in locations with stong economies and good financial an banking histories. For clients located in Europe and who require Euro or Sterling GBP accounts we recomend a Private Bank in Malta where no minimum deposit is required but where clients enjoy the benefits of personal service. Malta in our opinion seems to offer the benefits that most of our clients are seeking. This includes:

  • The ability for clients to make their own financial transactions through communication with the bank by telephone, fax or e mail. (Note: all international transfers need to be made by a real person and any instructions made through an internet banking platform has to be carried out manually by the bank)  
  • Personal relationships: Most clients desire to know more about their bankers and we allow clients the opportunity to build up long-term relationships directly with the bank.
  • Banks in Malta are covered under the EU Deposit guarantee schemese and therefore deposits of upto €100,000 held by small and medium sized businesse are covered.

Keylink Consultancy in association with a firm of Chartered Accountants (Member ICAEW) are official introducers with several banks in Malta. Having a strong realtionships with our Bankers we can be assured that for all genuine clients bank accounts will be opened. Unlike other Agents and company formation providers we do not send you the bank forms to complete yourselves. We aim to complete all documentation required for submission to the bank. This to include certified true copies of corporate documentation. There is no requirement for any client to visit the bank in person.

If the bank is presented with a business plan and a personal bank reference from the client, it's possible that an offshore bank account can be opened within a few days.  In normal circumstances offshore bank accounts can take several weeks to open.

Many clients opt to use a Debit or Pre Paid Card facility where clients can have access to cash directly from their offshore bank account through use of any ATM machine around the world. (Note: Your home country may require the declaration of cash withdrawn/remitted to you, dependant on the laws concerning taxes and allowances).

Even if you have already incorporated your offshore company we can help you to open an offshore bank account. Please contact us for further information


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