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Form a Gibraltar Company for £650. Annual Registered office costs from £895.

With our advice we can structure a Gibraltar company so that you can save £1,000's every year that you may have otherwise paid in taxes or costly local expenses. Over 100,000 foreign small business owners and multi-national corporations, already use Gibraltar companies (and other vehicles) to save on taxes and reduce international costs.

Gibraltar Company formationPopular uses for Gibraltar Companies

We have clients that use Gibraltar Companies for the following purposes: Website Holding, Property Holding, Investment Holding, Import/Export, Copyright, Patent & Trademark Holding, Consultancy & Employment Services, Professional & Agency Services and other uses.

Gibraltar is a competative jurisdiction and a Gibraltar Offshore Company costs around one half to one third of the price of a company from Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Malta and Cyprus. A properly structured Gibraltar non-resident company is exempt from Corporation Tax, Capital Gains Tax and VAT. Regarding personal taxation there are no personal inheritance or wealth taxes in Gibraltar. A Gibraltar Company can appoint just one Shareholder and Director where official meetings can be waived or held anywhere in the world.

Party Gaming, William Hill and other betting companies carry out on-line operations in Gibraltar. This is because Gibraltar is connected to mainland Spain and the USA through a trans Atlantic cable. This excellent infrastructure sets Gibraltar apart from other offshore islands and attracts many successful web based businesses to Gibraltar.

Gibraltar Non Resident Company Taxation

Currently, a non-resident company that doesn’t trade or remit income to Gibraltar is not liable to pay local corporation tax, if it also meets the following criteria: that the Non-resident Gibraltar Company is one which is owned by a person or company, outside of Gibraltar and is controlled by a Director residing outside of Gibraltar. Subsequently, the entity will not be subject to Corporation, Capital Gains, VAT, or Wealth Taxes in Gibraltar.

Gibraltar Company Formation

A Gibraltar Company can be formed within three to four days or for an additional fee a company can be guaranteed to be incorporated within 24 hours. A Gibraltar Company can be ordered on-line through our order form where process is initiated by checking that the name of the company required is available, the completion of a simple due diligence form, and the payment of the relevant fees.

Gibraltar Regulatory Compliance

The officers and shareholders of a Gibraltar Company are required to be recorded at Companies House and the annual return detailing any changes is required to be filed every year. For most companies, only a short form of abridged accounts are required to be filed annually without a Profit and loss statement. A Corporate Director is permitted to be a director of a Gibraltar company. For most of our clients Keylink provides a Corporate Company Director, Secretary and a Shareholder service (nominees) so that your name will not appear on any official record at Companies House. Records of the identity of the beneficial owners of a Gibraltar Company are not available as a public record. The OECD stated in 2008 that although Gibraltar complies with EU legislation there is no direct or immediate means under the Exchange of information Act or Evidence Act to identify beneficial owners of Gibraltar Companies. On 21 November 2013 Gibraltar signed an amended Tax Information Exchange Agreement (TIEA) with the UK Treasury allowing for the comprehensive automatic and spontaneous exchange of information.

Gibraltar Nominee Director, Shareholder and Secretary

Saveontax provides professional Nominee Corporate Director, Shareholder and Secretary Services, as an Associate of an Interna  Accountancy Firm. We guarantee that your company will be properly formed and delivered to you and managed professionally, for the price quoted. There are aditional fees for accounting and audit which may vary

Gibraltar Fees

Non-resident companies structured using our nominee services are not liable to pay local corporation tax. The only annual fee payable is the annual return. There is no annual government fee payable. For the purposes of filing accounts, many companies fall under the small company category where there is an annual requirement to pay a small fee and file a simple abridged balance sheet at companies house.

Gibraltar Company Names

A Gibraltar company cannot use a name of an already incorporated company in another jurisdiction, such as Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Nestle, etc. Also sensitive words in the opinion of the registrar at Companies House need special permission for use such as, Royal, Association, International, and Trust. If you can’t think of a name for your company, its not a problem. If you Contact Us now and we will forward you 20 names to consider.

Gibraltar Corporate Characteristics

 Political Stability  Good
 British Based Legal System  Yes
 Type of Company      Non Resident
 Disclosure of Beneficial Owner  Yes
 Migration of Domicile Permitted  Yes
 Tax on trade outside of Gibraltar  Nil
 Non-English Language Names Allowed  Yes
 Minimum Number of Shareholders  One
 Minimum Number of Directors  One
 Bearer Shares Allowed  No
 Corporate Directors Permitted  Yes
 Secretary Required  Yes
 Standard Authorised Share Capital  €2,000

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