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Contractors and Consultants

A contractor, under the right circumstances can save, on average, £60,000 a year by using an Offshore Company

This will be dependant on legislation in your home country and if you have a contract abroad. Using an offshore company will allow you to claim for international expenses and protect you from liabilities, such as claims from creditors. An offshore company gives you the flexibility to build the company into an international business where the location of your residence would not limit the company's ability to enter into a contract. We offer advice and solutions to UK residents who currently are working under IR35 rules. Please contact us for a confidential free assessment.
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Some Words About us

We save our clients £100,000's every year by using Offshore Companies to reduce overheads and tax

Offshore companies are not just for movie stars and celebrities, they are an affordable resource, which can legally complement your existing business and help you to save on tax. Wherever you live careful attention needs to be paid to local anti tax avoidance rules. If you are a UK Domiciled resident and have concerns, please contact us for further advice. Some of the legitimate uses for individuals using offshore companies include: Genuine commercial reasons, joint ventures with other companies, intention to move abroad, requirement to expand operations overseas and where individuals spend the majority of their time abroad.
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