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Form a Nevis Company for just £650. Nevis companies are flexible vehicles that can be used for a wide variety of trades. Nevis is a forward-thinking zero tax jurisdiction that offers relatively low-cost limited companies and limited partnerships (LLC's) which are covered by strong asset protection laws.

There is no requirement for a Nevis company to file an annual return or file accounts and the records of a Nevis company may be located anywhere in the world.


Popular uses for Nevis Companies

Saveontax has clients that use Nevis companies for the following purposes: IT, Engineering and Oil & Gas Contracts, Website Holding, Website Design, E Bay Trading, Retail e Commerce, Data Storage, Property Holding, Investment Holding, General Import/Export, Copyright, Patent & Trademark Holding, Consultancy & Employment Services, Professional & Agency Services and other uses. Nevis is a competitively priced jurisdiction which can supply most services required by entrepreneurs, start-up, small and medium companies where a European jurisdiction and VAT registration is not required. Although Nevis has signed exchange of information agreements with various countries, Saveontax has made arrangements that none of its clients records are kept in Nevis. Nevis is no longer a UK Colony and is not a participant in the Voluntary Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) to exchange information with UK tax Authority (HMRC).

Nevis Company Taxation

Nevis Limited Companies (Ltd's) (and Nevis Limited Liability Partnerships), are exempt from Corporation Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Withholding Tax as long as the Companies do not carry out business outside Nevis.  Upon the sale of transfer of a Nevis Company shares, no duties or taxes are payable. There requirement to pay is an annual Government Fee (at the time of writing) of US$200. For clients that have a Nevis Partnership (LLC) or a Nevis Trust there is no requirement to pay income tax, social security, wealth tax, death duty or inheritance tax.

Nevis Company Structure

Nevis was a former UK Colony that gained independence in 1983 and Nevis Law is based on English Common Law (and some US Law). The Companies Act 1996 forms the basis of Company Law and Delaware American Corporate Law forms the basis of LLC legislation.

A Nevis Company has a standard structure of being managed and controlled by one or more directors where Corporate Directors Corporate shareholders are permitted. The company is bound by its Memorandum & Articles of Association. corporations are generally liable to pay corporation tax and in Nevis the tax rate is zero. This

A Nevis LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) is based on the Delaware LLC which is a hybrid Corporation/Partnership structure where the LLC's has a manager (director) which controls company but is not answerable to the members (shareholders).  The LLC because it is not the company is not liable to pay corporation tax but its members are required to pay tax (if applicable) in their country of residence. Saveontax can supply nominee members so that the beneficial owners of an LLC may not be liable to pay tax in their home country.

Nevis Company Compliance

Information about corporate directors, officers or shareholders and  are not available on the public record with the Nevis registrar of companies. furthermore have made arrangements with a licensed Nevis agent that . An annual government fee is payable to the Minister of Finance at the time of writing of US$200. a Nevis company can appoint a nominee director. For most of our clients Saveontax provides a Corporate Company Director, Secretary and a Shareholder service (nominees) so that your name will not appear on any official record at the Companies registry, ensuring that your identity is protected. Records of the identity of the beneficial owners of a Nevis Company remain confidential. Even without publicly accessible records the appointment of a nominee director ensures anonymity to be guaranteed.

Nevis Company nominee director and shareholder service

Saveontax, unlike many of its competitors, provides profession Nominee Corporate Director, Shareholder and Secretary Services. As an Associate of an International Accountancy Firm, we guarantee that your Nevis Company or Nevis LLC will be properly formed and delivered to you for the price quoted. For client comfort the beneficial owners of a Nevis company or Nevis LLC can retain control of the entity through a Power of attorney and undated pre-signed director's resignation letter.

Nevis Company Names

Names that are identical or similar to an existing company may not be permitted by the Registrar. Names that are in the opinion of the Registrar undesirable, suggests an illegal activity, or implies Government patronage will not be permitted. The name of a company must end with the word "Limited" (or the abbreviation "Ltd."), "Corporation" (or the abbreviation "Corp.") or "Incorporated" (or the abbreviation "Inc.").
 Political Stability  Good
 Legal System  British and USA
 Type of Company      Ltd and LLC
 Disclosure of Beneficial Owner  No
 Migration of Domicile Permitted  Yes
 Tax on trade outside of Jurisdiction  Nil
 Time to establish a Company or LLC  48 Hrs
Corporate Requirements Company LLC
 Minimum paid up  Not required As required
 Usual authorised  $10,000 As required
 Minimum number  1  1
 Local required  No  No
 Publicly accessible records  No  No
 Location of meetings  Anywhere  Anywhere
 Minimum number  1  1
 Publicly accessible records  No  No
 Location of meetings  Anywhere  Anywhere
 Required  Not required  Not required
 Local or qualified  Not applicable  Not applicable
 Requirement to prepare  Yes  Yes
 Audit requirements  No  No
 Requirement to file accounts  No  No
 Publicly accessible accounts  No  No
 Requirement to file annual return  No  No
 Change in domicile permitted  Yes  Yes

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