Offshore company formation - with Saveontax

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An Offshore Company is often used by international corporations and small to medium businesses to reduce global tax liability which may enable additional capital to be released to allow further expansion of your overseas business. An offshore company in most offshore centres will, most likely, be exempt from:

•    Corporation tax.
•    Capital gains tax.
•    VAT.
•    Inheritance tax.
•    Wealth tax.

Many of the countries where offshore companies are formed have no tax treaties or exchange of information agreements with other countries.

Often, the name of the owner of the offshore company does not need to be revealed to the authorities in offshore jurisdictions - so confidentiality is guaranteed.

Forming an offshore company

A Gibraltar offshore company can take as little as three to five days to complete, a Malta Company the same and a Nevis company 48 hours.

An offshore company needs in most cases an offshore bank account to transact business 'offshore'. Unfortunately, the process for opening offshore bank accounts can be lengthy and many banks may refuse to open accounts for certain sectors. Saveontax through an associate company is an introducer to many well known banks where we have 100% success rate in opening offshore bank accounts.

The cost of setting up a tax free corporation and bank account has been driven down by increased globalisation and competition. It is now possible for many small and medium enterprises to reduce their tax liability, by using tax treaties  within Europe under the EU Parent Subsidiary directive. Read more about Malta.

The cost of company formation varies in each jurisdiction, as do administration fees and other annual running costs.
Saveontax will help you set up a corporation depending on your preferred location and the purpose of the company.

Our company formation process is fast and straightforward at Saveontax, so you can begin to save on tax immediately. Read more information about Malta Company and Gibraltar Company advantages.

                    MALTA COMPANY                                               GIBRALTAR COMPANY
       for VAT Trading within the EU- 5% Tax                     for General Trading, no VAT, Zero Tax