Offshore Pension Fund

Establishing your own 'Approved' Overseas or Offshore Pension Fund could be a great way for you and your employees to invest for the future as well as enabling reductions in Corporation Tax.

Saveontax in conjunction with an International Accounting Firm can help you establish your own Private Fund which has the following advantages:

  >Quick set-up and fast track licensing.
  >Inexpensive to establish.
  >No Audit requirement.
  >Regulated, 'Approved Fund' for SIPP and SSAS.
  >Bloomberg Listing.
  >Access to funds.

To put it simply for around £10,000 you can set-up your own Company Pension fund which is approved by HMRC for tax purposes where payments into the fund are tax-deductible against Corporation Tax. So if you have a particularly profitable year a large payment could be made into your Company's Private Pension Fund. This helps you company to comply with current pension rules and is welcomed by the Government as this lessens the country's pension liability, The Company's Pension funds may then be invested as wished, such as in Equities, Property, etc where any gains made are tax free. Loans from the Private Pension Fund can be made to Directors and employees of the Company subject to satisfying HMRC Conditions.

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