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Just moving your website hosting 'offshore' does not legally exempt you from taxes

offshore web hosting

If you started your offshore web business in your home country, you could save tax and overheads by moving your official business location and web hosting to an overseas or ‘Tax Neutral’ jurisdiction such as Gibraltar or Delaware, USA.   Having your website being owned by an Overseas Holding Company can have many advantages. Old and new clients visiting your website will now be transacting business through your Overseas Web Company where in most cases taxes on sales is not applicable.

An Overseas Corporation, where Saveontax assists with its structure, will not be subject to local corporation tax, capital gains tax; or the owners suffer any inheritance or wealth taxes. If and when required, the ownership of the Overseas Holding company can be sold or transferred to your family members free of all taxes. This is an important factor to consider, if at some time in the future you may receive a lucrative offer for your web business or that you may wish to transfer it to your dependants.

The usual business model is for the Overseas Company to make a business arrangement with you so that you can still administer the website from your home country. Depending on the country of your tax residence if the Overseas Company engages you as a consultant you should be able to save significant sums that you would otherwise have paid in personal taxes. Neither the owner of the Overseas Company or any of its employees residing outside the jurisdiction will be liable to pay income tax in that jurisdiction.

Many international corporations use Gibraltar for web hosting as Gibraltar is one of the few offshore Jurisdictions which have implemented special legislation to attract on-line businesses. With excellent web hosting communications, many famous gaming companies host their World Wide Web operations from Gibraltar. Read more about Gibraltar.

On-line traders may prefer to use Delaware as a jurisdiction as the business model operated by Amazon and others has been well tested in International Law. Read more about Delaware.






Fact case: Australian website entrepreneur

We were approached by an Australian resident who had set up a property website way back in 1999 which now ranked very highly in Google for property searches. The property website was owned by himself personally, and he received around €250,000 in Google Ad Word income per annum. Our Australian client was liable to pay income tax on his world-wide income. After incorporating a Gibraltar company with Keylink Consultancy LLC, we reduced his personal Australian tax liability by 80%. The tax savings enabled him to purchase other websites and grow his business threefold.





Gibraltar is one of the best regulated, low cost offshore centres where Saveontax can offer a local corporation at a very competitive price.

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