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In the late 1980's American Express was one of the first companies to outsource the majority of its European administration operations to India. 30 years on, outsourcing has become a Billion Dollar business where smart operators can attain 35 to 40 percent savings, especially where Bundled Outsourcing is used. Read More about Bundled Outsourcing.

We understand that many smaller companies may not have considered taking advantage of outsourcing for various reasons possibly due to preconceptions about language barriers and remote communication.  Maybe this option deserves more thought as does not a potential 40 percent saving warrant further investigation?

At Saveontax we are able to do the maths for you and carry out a free no obligation assessment of your current administration needs and hopefully demonstrate to you that your current operations can be streamlined, resulting in cost savings. This does not mean to say that your company is being poorly run, but that technology has changed and globalisation has opened up new opportunities. Saveontax is in a great position as it can offer to its clients use of new cutting edge smart technology which can streamline accounting and administration functions.

So how can Saveontax help to make these savings?

At Saveontax our experienced Consultants and Associate Accountants will be able to take a birds eye view of your administration operations, where we are able (in most cases) to assist by using Bundled Outsourcing to lower overheads through streamlining, automating, outsourcing administration and accounting functions. This is achieved by using a mix of IT Software, Website Platforms and Accounting skills. Book an Appointment

Cutting Edge IT Software and Website Integration: Saveontax can provide a low cost multi function enterprise solution, (only usually available to larger companies with a budget of £500,000+) for a fraction of the cost. We can help you to seamlessly integrate ordering, stock control, accounting and other functions through your website which could significantly reduce internal administration e.g your labour costs. Book an Appointment

Accounting and Administration: All of our operations are managed from an EC1 City of London office so don't worry about language barriers. All of our clients are assigned a Qualified Accountant who will assess your administration and accounting needs where automation or outsourcing may be recommended. Our Accountants will pro-actively look for legitimate ways for you to save on tax and save on admin. Book an Appointment

Please use the Quick Contact Form to book an appointment. We are here to offer a professional service in conjunction with a London-based Accountancy Firm, so client confidentiality is assured.
If you are not happy with your current accountancy provider maybe it's about time you considered a change where there may be an option to outsource your whole accountancy function to our recomended provider in London. Use the Quick Contact Form and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
We have made arrangements to refer all our clients to or preferred Accountants located in Holborn EC1, London who provide great low cost high quality bookkeeping, VAT, Payroll, Company Secretary, and Taxation services. Use the Quick Contact Form and we will pass on your details. Note: We dont charge any commission as this is an associated company.

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