(Seed) Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and (EIS)

A way to satisfy your tax liability and reap a potential capital tax free gain

The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and its smaller sister scheme the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) are great ways for higher rate taxpayers to utilize funds  that otherwise would have been paid to HMRC. Tax payers have the opportunity to invest in companies that potentially could result in returning back a healthy 'tax free' capital gain. There are some great tech companies/entrepreneurs that lack corporate governance disciplines, administration and capital where saveontax.net through an associate accountancy company have sourced some great opportunities.

You may have read that a large proportion of SEIS and EIS companies fail and this is true. The skill is picking companies which have scalable business models and professional support. Unfortunately, lawyers, accountants, and marketing companies fees are not insignificant and in many cases lack of capital and professional fees are a barrier to success.

Saveontax.net in association with TaxPlus Accountants City Limited have identified some great investment opportunities. Taxplus Accountants City Limited have taken care of setting up companies, opening bank accounts and ensuring good financial practices, thereby letting the inventors/owners of the business, carry out 'what they do best', in developing their unique projects.

We would like to announce that there are now several companies that are currently applying for EIS and SEIS qualifying status where TaxPlus Accountants City Limited are taking a hands-on approach and ensuring that investor funds will be properly utilized. Each EIS and SEIS company has a detailed financial plan and forecast drawn up by a qualified chartered accountant.

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